Why La Grinde

7 compelling reasons you will crawl on broken glass on naked knees for La Grinde’ coffee.

Well this may sound theatrical, but stay with me, and see why?

When I repeatedly confronted prospects looking for fresh brew coffee at the In & Out store in Defence Colony, I encountered the similar sets of pain points:

  • Fresh brew coffee in Delhi is not fresh.
  • Good brew coffee is not available in Delhi.
  • The coffee’s leave an aftertaste.

We have to request family to carry coffee from overseas……..
We have to request friends to ship us some from Bangalore……..
We have to buy in bulk and store it in the freezer for ….months…..

There were some bells ringing. A country which produces some fine coffee which is much sought after overseas, cannot offer such choice to its own people. The entrepreneur in me saw an opening…………..

Was it possible to create a product, a system, to solve all the challenges posed above?

With my two decades plus experience in retailing, service industry and direct marketing, I knew the solution had to be totally professional and sincere. This had to be the best system to capture all the elements. It had to be the designer label solution, no seconds, no knock offs; it had to be the IPHONE system. Yeah, sure this was going to be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

But, long story short; my search ended in Pune, at the doorsteps of a duo; the Shah-Madhok partnership; with a combined experience curve of some 65 years; Mr Bharat Shah (with 35 years experience in the field) of Dukens Coffee Manufacturing Company (with 55 years in the manufacturing of roasted coffee), and Mr Atul Madhok of Taraadi (an institutional supplier of artisan roasted coffee and blender of fine teas with some 10 years experience).

Here then is the system with the 7 compelling reasons:

  1. Only the beans with exceptional quality are sourced from single estates and plantations.
  2. Coffee is roasted in small lots, and roasting is back linked with consumption; this delivers always fresh coffee. We do not sell coffee older than four months.
  3. We stock enough raw beans to last us for a full year. This ensures consistent quality and taste.
  4. Since we have comfortable stock levels, our prices are uniform; we hold our prices for as long as stocks last, i.e. at least a year.
  5. We offer a wide variety of coffee to suit different tastes; coffee that are good as black or those that are good with milk; hot or cold; coffee with spiciness for the Indian palate or deeper blends for the international taste; single estate pure coffee or blends; coffee for time of day-to accompany meals, post meals or stand alone pick me up and refreshing beverages.
  6. We offer coffee for different extraction methods; for professional barista equipment- café’s, restaurants and banqueting; for semi professional equipment-ideal for smaller offices or F&B requirements; for home brewing- from stove top to French Press, from South Indian percolators to drip brew equipment; we cover the entire range of consumption and use.
  7. Wide variety of packaging to suit different needs; bulk sealed packaging for institutions and smaller packing for individuals.
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