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Our search for good coffee led us to discover that although India produces very fine coffee, the bulk of it is exported overseas. At La Grinde our goal is to bring the best Indian coffee to the people of NCR. We ensure the freshest and the most aromatic coffee for our customers.

100% Arabica


Why is our coffee different? We use handpicked, high grown, single origin varieties of Arabica beans to make our special blend (100 % Arabica) and freshly roast it for the authentic taste.

The brown roasted coffee bean starts its life as a green seed inside the fruit (a red cherry) of a coffee tree. Since the fruits do not ripen simultaneously; hand picking ensures ripened fruits are harvested. Any fruit will taste best when it is harvested ripe, right of the tree. High elevation plantations are at altitudes above 1500 m; and in these conditions the bean takes upto 12 weeks extra to mature from flower to ripe fruit. This makes the coffee tastier.

We work with growers with a common interest which is to provide an exceptional cup of coffee. At our end a rigorous selection process of cupping is adhered to.

Our final product is blended using four types of Arabica beans mild to medium bodied coffees, creating the most varied notes profile in the cup.

It makes a good espresso or black coffee, and medium cappuccino. It makes excellent black coffee from a French press and an enjoyable drip brew coffee. Best for mornings and after meals.

Aged Monsoon Malabar


One of nature’s mysteries...that was revealed by the Dutch traders in the 1800’s. The traders used to carry raw beans from India to Europe in wooden vessels on a journey taking up to 6 months. The beans absorbed moisture, consequently swelled in size and transformed in texture, looks and most importantly, the coffee acquired a unique flavor; Mellow, yet deep; smooth yet resonant. In short: delicious.

Monsooning the Malabar bean; in open warehouses; for 12-16 weeks; in ideal conditions (between June & September) is an exercise in patience, supervision and administration. We take absolute care in bringing the best crop from seasoned producers to give you the single malt in the coffee drinking world.

Espresso Blend


The finest arabicas and robustas of India get to play together in our Espresso Blend. This artisan roasted blend tries to satisfy the black and the milk coffee drinker. The arabicas bring a delicate spicy fruitiness along with some earthy notes. India grows one of the finest robustas in the world. The robustas bring a unique roasted corn & chocolaty taste which is highly evident as the coffee is mixed with milk.

French Espresso Roast


The French are known to roast their coffees dark and have lent their name to the roast profile jargon in the coffee trade. This blend comes entirely from one of the finest estates in Coorg, blending 3 different arabicas with a vibrant robusta strain. Roasted dark for the strong coffee drinker, this blend works very well in India for milk based coffees.

Indian Peaberry


Our very carefully selected Peaberry bean is sweet yet intense and aromatic. It is roasted to medium roast and makes for excellent early morning, breakfast beverage or late evening beverage. It can be enjoyed best with little milk or in its various avatars of black. It is much sought after in Tamil Nadu for preparing South Indian filter coffee.

It is interesting to study as to why the world over, this small round bean which is differently abled, from the regular flat peanut shaped coffee bean has its ardent followers. The peaberry bean is a mutant inside the cherry fruit on the coffee tree. Normal cherries produce two beans-flattened in between. But about 5% cherries produce a single round bean known as “peaberry”. Since it is a single bean, it is more dense and is known to provide a more robust and intense flavor.

Mysore Nugget Extra Bold


India Mysore 'Gold Nugget' coffee has a captivating history. The city of Mysore is located in the southwest region of India; during the late 1800s, the area was mined with intentions of finding coal. Instead, they found gold! When coffee was planted, the trees flourished and produced larger coffee beans than other coffee plants in the region; this is how this gourmet coffee earned the nickname, "Gold Nugget."

This Arabica varietal is wet processed to deliver a smooth, unique flavor; each sip is sweet, spicy with a light body and aromatic fragrance. Gold is often defined as "something valued as the finest of its kind." We agree that "Gold Nugget" is the perfect name for this Indian coffee.

Wet-processed in the region of Mysore, ‘Gold Nugget’ coffee is a sweet, yet spicy coffee with a rich body and distinct aroma. Superb in balance of sweetness and spice, it has a low acidity but boldness in flavor. India Mysore coffee is light-medium roasted and yields a delicious cup.

As far as flavor goes, this coffee has so many varied flavors going on, it's difficult to describe. It's luxuriously sweet, mildly pungent, with tart but lush tropical fruit notes that you perceive through the entire profile from aroma through the finish, which is quite long and richly chocolaty. Simply outstanding!

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