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In answer to the call from our coffee lovers, La Grinde was created to celebrate the wonder of and the rich traditions of Indian coffee.

La Grinde guarantees that its coffees are -

FRESH: Monthly supply of small batches to ensure freshness.

PURE: No mixture of chicory which ensures a rich coffee taste always

VERSATILE: Our coffees are good for all brewing styles and tastes. We offer excellent choices for black, espressos and milk based coffees.

PERFECTLY GROUND: Some of the coffees require efficient grinding to prevent loss of flavor and taste during the brewing process and we advise on the process and/or offer complimentary grinding as requested.

La Grinde is committed to offering you the best value & the highest quality of coffee.

Our loyal base of customers continues to grow as we all enjoy this journey of understanding and appreciation of the subtleties of good single estate Indian origin coffees. You are invited to join us in the experience of an exquisite cup of coffee from La Grinde.

At your service,
Nitin Bathla


La grinde exemplifies what quality coffee is all about. I have relished my morning cup of monsoon malabar! The smell of fresh coffee wafting through a room is incomparable, and la grinde knows what goes into making that happen!

Suchita Salwan
Co Founder,
Little Black Book Delhi.

My daily routine requires that I spend time outdoors. I frequently visit various café’s for a quick snack and coffee. I have found that the coffee (cappuccino) served at the “In & Out” in Defence Colony as “the one”. None of the others come near in taste and freshness. It is the benchmark in Delhi. Don’t take my word for it, go try it out yourself. You will understand why.

Ashish Chauhan
New Delhi

We have been hooked to “La Grinde’” coffee since two and a half years. We are happy to be able to make a coffee at home just like in Europe, but with an Indian flavor.

Germain & Natasha
French Nationals
New Delhi

Everyday at eleven, when coffee is put to brew, the aroma wafts through every nook and cranny our section of the building wing. This aroma provokes friends and neighbours to call up and admiringly comment- “ hey the coffee smells super-which brand is that?
Beyond the aroma of “La Grinde’ s” Mysore Nugget the taste of this nugget has a distinct signature, its bold – yet smooth. It’s unforgettable.
The French Espresso variant of La Grinde’ is full bodied, sort of caramilzed taste-Great coffee-authentic.
This is the reason we return to to for our every day revival.

Anil Batra
Dona Paula

Dad said “Want some coffee?”
“Sure” I said “Coffee, is Coffee the usual”
After a lapse of ten minutes a gentle aroma drifted across the room, slowly but surely the fullness of flavor filled the room. This is a different smell, provoking me to ask. “Hey Dad what coffee is this?” “La Grinde French Espresso” came the answer. Several minutes later I was asked “you want it with cream- milk- or straight?”
“Would prefer with milk”
Soon the cup in hand and now the full flavor up close I drank the first sip. Then some thing stirred within; the taste of something smoky yet strong but velvety filled my mouth; this is delightful I thought. “Can I take this back to London with me”.
“Sure Take the French Espresso back. I have a bag full. Just remember the name ‘La Grinde when you want more”

Divya Pasgon

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